How To Clean Your Glass Splashback

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Cleaning your glass splashback is as simple as simple can be – if you have cleaned a pane of glass before, you are more than equipped to clean a glass splashback.

Though you will never see any stains on your glass splashback, if you want to keep it looking new, it is important that you keep it clean. Fingerprints and other markings left unattended can result in your splashback appearing dull. Regular cleaning using your favourite glass cleaner, paper tower and one extra soft cloth is advised.

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Here are three easy steps to cleaning your glass splashback:

  • Conservatively spray your glass cleaner onto the surface of your splashback, working your way from top to bottom. Concentrate on areas with greasy marks or food residue. Leave for approximately one minute. Keep in mind that when cleaning your glass splashback, you should always avoid using harsh and abrasive products.
  • Gently wipe your glass splashback from top to bottom using a paper towel, or lint-free cloth. Make sure you remove all marks. If you don’t have any glass cleaner on hand, warm water is almost as effective.
  • To give your glass splashback a sparkling finish, dry and buff it with another lint-free cloth. Move the cloth along the splashback in a circular motion until the glass is shiny.

Congratulations your glass splashback is totally clean!

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