Internal Storage Solutions

We believe in creative functionality. Storage solutions are as important to us as exterior styling, which is why we offer a wide range of interior options with unique features to meet your individual needs.

Internal Storage


1. Double Hanging
Shown above with double garment lift and pull-out trouser rack

2. Full Shelving
Ideal for storing folded clothes

3. Three Quarter Hanging
Ideal for storing long coats and long dresses
Shown above with pull-out tie and scarf rack

4. Shelving with Drawers
Shown above with side-to-side shoe rack and a two-drawer insert

5. Double Hanging
Ideal for storing day-to-day jackets and shirts

6. Single Hanging with Drawers
Ideal for storing a combination of shirts or jackets and accessories
Shown above with pull-out mirror and two-drawer insert


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